• Corporate nomad

    The rise of a corporate nomad

    A year ago, I closed the door on our 3 bed Victorian terrace in Brockley, a genteel suburb of London, clambered into a minivan, squeezed between 13 bags whilst Katherine and our two boys Zeb (then 4) and Oz (2), followed in a taxi behind. Arriving at a deserted London Heathrow, COVID tests in hand, [...]
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  • Destinations

    Success is the journey, not the destination

    The start to the new year was a busy one. In January we received 2 weeks’ notice that the Cabo Verdean owners of our seemingly not-so-long-term rental had decided to pop back to Boa Vista for a holiday.

    GoRemote Life

  • GoRemote Life

    GoRemote Life

    Dodging turtles and covid

    As in most countries, weekends in Cabo Verde are a thing to be celebrated.


    GoRemote Life

    A lesson in off-road driving

    Our arrival on Boa Vista was smoothed by Bobby-Esther, a friend who runs a small agency managing apartments across the island.

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