• Cabo Verde

    Masks off to Cabo Verde

    How a tiny developing nation met COVID-19 face on In summer 2020, telling friends and family about our impending move from London to Boa Vista to work remotely – the reaction was mixed. “Where’s that?”, “Why?”, “How long for?”, “When will we see the grandkids?”, “Wow”, “You’re nuts”. But the most common response by far [...]
  • Cabo Verde

    The Nomad Guide


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  • Cabo Verde

    Fogo – the most active volcano you’ve never heard of

    Flying due west from Santiago above the clouds, Zeb suddenly shouted excitedly out of the window ‘daddy look it’s a volcano’.

  • GoRemote Life

    A kite down memory lane

    Back in 2000 the world was a very different place. Tony Blair’s ‘Things Can Only Get Better’ government was enjoying a honeymoon first term.

    GoRemote Life

    GoRemote Life

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first Covid test

    Having settled on the concept of Cape Verde we found ourselves being carried along on a tide of preparedness.

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