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Our vision

A world where everyone has opportunity to realise the benefits of working remotely in Cabo Verde, sustainably.

Working for good

When we envisioned GoRemote we were awash with grand ideas around giving back to the communities we operate in. There was talk of partnerships with local NGOs, reducing plastic waste, recycling, upcycling, off-setting carbon footprints, saving turtles. The list was long.

Then it hit us, rather bluntly – we were thinking about this the wrong way.

Yes, there’s some great stuff we can achieve supporting local initiatives. In Cabo Verde for example, simply ensuring apartment owners install water filters will significantly reduce single use plastic. Providing GoRemoters with welcome packs made from locally sourced, upcycled materials will empower them to make positive choices during their posting. It all adds-up.

“We quickly realised a powerful agent for change is the GoRemote proposition itself. Specifically, making sure that we bring the right people, to the right destinations, to do the right thing.”

We believe by working with people who share the same desire to have positive impact in the communities where they live and work, we can co-create an ecosystem which thrives – environmentally, economically, socially.

Apply your expertise for good

From environmental action to large scale behaviour change. We provide tailored volunteering opportunities matching your motivations and the needs of the community. Bye-bye tokenistic CSR initiatives, hello curated projects designed by locals for locals.


From teaching English to getting young people hands on with the latest technologies our education interventions improve access and outcomes.


We partner with local NGOs with a particular focus on upstream and downstream reduce, reuse and recycle interventions in Cabo Verde.


Skills sharing, mentorship of local entreprenuers, using technology to tackle specific challenges. We connect global and local talent.

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