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Providing services to remote workers

GoRemote helps your business reach a new audience of international remote workers, their families and companies – seeking to work and live in Cabo Verde.


Showcase your business

Promote your your apartments and services without commission or fees.


Generate more customers

Reach a new, high-value audience of remote workers and multinational companies.


Support to grow

We market Cabo Verde as a remote working destination and share ideas to create new business opportunities.

Diversify and grow

We help you maximise occupancy and generate new revenue streams from customers who stay longer and spend more.

GoRemote is Cabo Verde’s specialist provider of services to remote workers, their families and companies.

We’re official partner to the Ministerio do Turismo Remote Working Programme. We promote Cabo Verde as a destination for remote working.

We connect travellers with apartment owners offering 28 day or more rentals. We ensure these apartments are of the quality required to support remote working. We provide workspace access (via GoHub) and signpost activities to do whilst here. We create networking and volunteering opportunities.

Customers book with GoRemote because we provide access to the mid-stay (non vacation) rental market, understand their needs and are remote workers ourselves.

Because you want to reach new customers, generate more income, diversify your revenue streams and make Cabo Verde an attractive destination to visit, live and work from.

By promoting your accommodation and services to a new audience for free:

  • Enabling you to reach high value customers who stay longer and spend more
  • Increasing year round occupancy with rentals of 28 days or more – especially in low season periods
  • Providing you with full control over your inventory, pricing and availability
  • Free promotion and marketing via GoHub’s channels
  • Not charging commissions or fees

Nada. Zero. Zip. We don’t charge commisssions. We just want to grow the mid-stay rental market in Cabo Verde offering high quality apartments and brilliant services to our users.

We’re currently migrating to a new Property Management System which will list your inventory and integrate with your existing booking channels. Whilst we do this we are placing our customers directly with providers.

During on-boarding we ask you for your 28 day (1 month price) and if there are any dates we should avoid or periods where this price increases.

The same as you would for other booking channels such as AirBnB, VRBO, We have an online form template for you to complete descriptions, amenities, seasonal pricing and upload imagery. We take care of the rest.

How do I partner with GoRemote?

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Contact us to schedule a video call to discuss the shared opportunity.


Get listed

Provide us with details of your accommodation or services.


Watch your business grow

Benefit from GoHub promoting your services. No strings attached.

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