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GoRemote specialises in remote working from the archipelagos of Cabo Verde, Madeira and the Azores. Collectively known as Macaronesia by the ancient Greeks – or the ‘islands of the fortunate’ – these volcanic islands provide year-round temperate climates, time zones which lend themselves to both European and USA working hours, alongside a rich diversity of living options to appeal to any corporate nomad.

Destinations which work

Was it promise of endless sunshine with year-round temperatures of 20° to 30°? Or maybe the convenient time zone? Outdoor lifestyle and watersports in abundance? Perhaps it was the vibrant culture and welcoming hospitality which drew us, instinctively, to the mid-Atlantic as a solid choice for the first GoRemote outposts. Who knows? You decide.

The best rentals in the best locations

From €1295 per month

All posts include

Meet and greet

Acclimatisation tour


Weekly cleaning

All bills

Super-fast WiFi

4G mobile internet dongle

Co-working space

Wellbeing programme

24/7 country support

Work from the mid-Atlantic

Make Madeira your office from €1495 per month


Work global, go local

We focus on unique locations perfectly geared for corporate nomads. Where our local team can ensure your foray into going remote is fully supported, low-cost, high impact. So you can focus on the work, not where you work.

GoTurtle Boa Vista 1

Working for good

We partner with local NGOs to make the places we’re fortunate enough to call our office better for everyone. From protecting endangered turtles to mentoring entrepreneurs – we’re on a mission to do good by going remote.


Curated experiences. Impactful volunteering.

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