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About GoRemote

Who goes remote?

People from all backgrounds, all ages, all career types. Some for a month, some for a year. Some are employed by companies, others are freelancers or work for themselves. You.

We’re increasingly seeing companies embrace hybrid working and work from anywhere – we’re here to support you.

The founder of GoRemote works for a UK charity went remote with a young family from London to Cabo Verde and hasn’t looked back since.

As an apartment provider or tour operator why would I partner with GoRemote?

You’re as fed up as us by booking platform fees and commissions. You’ve got empty rooms, vacant tours, spare capacity. You’d like to increase your occupancy rates year-round. You want customers who stay longer, spend more and repeat. You want to diversify into new audiences and untapped markets. You’d love to be an equitable partner, not a supplier. Find out more about the GoRemote partner programme.

I’m an employer – why would I consider allowing my people to GoRemote?

Because you want to attract, retain, and motivate talent? You want employee wellbeing embedded in your culture – not a header in a powerpoint strategy deck? You seek a happier, more productive workforce who deliver more and cost less? You are visionary and see the future of work and want to make it happen? We love to chat – you tell us.

I’m an individual, I travel loads, why wouldn’t I just book an AirBnB and flight?

You can – but you won’t get the support and local experience of going remote. We’re more than a long-stay rental and co-work space. In addition to awesome accommodation at vastly lower prices than are available on any mainstream booking platforms – we provide you with 24/7 on the ground support and embed you to a local remote working community.

What does GoRemote really do?

We help companies, individuals and their families live and work remotely from Cabo Verde by:

  • Promoting Cabo Verde as a remote working destination
  • Providing expert advice on what it’s like to work remotely here
  • Offering long stay rental apartments (hard to find in a tropical island holiday destination dominated by vacation rentals)
  • Providing access to workspaces with superfast internet and the optimum conditions to work
  • Create networking, community and volunteering opportunities

Bacially we make it easy and fun for you to live and work from Cabo Verde.

Who are GoRemote?

We’re just everyday folk with everyday jobs and lives who became frustrated by working from home in confined spaces, bad weather, and kids hijacking our Zoom meetings.

We realised the future of work could look different.

We want to help others to realise the benefits of working remotely with purpose overseas.

I’ve still got a question and it isn’t answered here?

Ahh. That might be for a few reasons:

  1. We haven’t quite finished populating our snazzy new ‘info centre’ which should provide additional useful content
  2. We’re a start-up and we haven’t got all the answers yet
  3. You’ve thought of something we haven’t

In which case – email us, or use webchat and we’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP (plus it will help us make these FAQs better!).

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