Work and live your best from Cabo Verde

We help individuals, families and companies live and work remotely with purpose from Cabo Verde.


Hassle free

We provide advice, accommodation, coworking, and community for nomads.


Work. Life. Balanced

You realise the benefits of living and working remotely from Cabo Verde.


Work global, go local

Everyone prospers economically, environmentally and socially.

Cabo Verde. Your office

Apartment | Co-working | Wellbeing from €745 per month


Work from anywhere

We provide corporate nomads with remote first rentals, access to coworkspaces, wellbeing and volunteering. Work from Cabo Verde and change the way you see the world.

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Build happier, more productive teams

We help companies attract and retain talent, increase productivity, improve wellbeing. Our employee incentive programmes allow your people to live, work and collaborate effectively from Cabo Verde.

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The ultimate nomad guide to Cabo Verde

Everything you need to know about living and working remotely in Cabo Verde.

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