Hello world. Goodbye office

Work From Anywhere

Work. Reimagined

Envisage a world where your commute is a stroll along a beach. Zoom meetings take place in air-conditioned co-workspaces. Living costs are down. Mood is up. Productivity soars. Work is enriched by new experiences, cultures and friends. Embrace it. GoRemote.

How do I GoRemote?

Choose your island. Select your accommodation. Tell us your check-in date. We’ll do the rest. Join us and be supported to work with confidence from anywhere.


Browse destination content, talk to us for pre-departure advice and support.


Choose accommodation, select dates, request to book online.


Join us. 24/7 in country support, co-work and wellbeing.

Going remote is a lifestyle choice

We make that choice easier. GoRemote takes care of everything you need to live and work your best overseas.

24/7 Support

GoRemote ensures you have everything needed to navigate your new remote work environment. From acclimatisation tours, mobile internet, co-working – to where to get the best sushi. We’ve got you covered.

Work global. Go local.

Working from anywhere enables you to immerse in local communities. Our wellbeing programme combines sports, cultural experiences, volunteering and networking so you can get the most out of going remote.

How much does it cost to GoRemote?

From €745 per month

Meet and greet

Acclimatisation tour


Weekly cleaning

Remote work visa processing

Super-fast WiFi

4G mobile internet dongle

Co-working space

Wellbeing programme

24/7 country support

20% refundable deposit on booking. Balance due 30 days prior to travel. Rent paid monthly in advance. Discounts for two months or more. Families welcome.

Cabo Verde. Your office

Apartment | Co-work space | Wellbeing from €745 per month

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