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Through curated experiences, networking events, and volunteering we empower you to work and live your best. We help you be productive and have positive local impact. Activities, networking events and volunteering are bookable locally via the GoWell app - here's a flavour of what you can expect:


Use the latest gear to learn, freeride and wavesail in some of the best conditions anywhere.

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Cabo Verde has long been the playground of windsurfers since the arcihpelago broke onto the professional tour in the late 1990's. With trade winds from September until May and warm tropical waters - Cabo Verde offers some of the most consistent conditions anywhere in the world for experts and beginners alike. Our centres on Sal, Boa Vista and Sao Vicente have the latest equipment (beginner, freeride, wave) from top brands renewed each year. Certified local instructors offer lessons and expert tution to hone your skills. Monthly rental packages available.


Work with local NGOs on Boa Vista to preserve the habitats of nesting loggerhead turtles.

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The pristine beaches of Cabo Verde (in particular the islands of Boa Vista, Sal, and Santa Luzia) are one of the most important habitats in the world for nesting loggerhead (Caretta caretta) turtles. The nesting season runs from July until mid October, peaking in August when thousands of female turtles can be found emerging from the tropical Atlantic waters, returning to the beaches where they were born to lay their eggs. The eggs incubate for around 60 days before hatching. Turtle camps are erected on remote beaches, staffed throughout the season by rangers who patrol the beaches at night with dogs and drones - conducting a census, moving vulnerbale eggs into hatcheries and protecting the turtles from poachers. You can visit the camps on accredited tours and alos volunteer for local NGOs engaged in conservation and community action.


Join a surf camp and certified instructors will have you hanging ten in no time.

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Boa Vista's gentle, rolling beach breaks make an ideal and safe base for mastering the art of surfing. Whilst its outer reefs provide challenging conditions for the more experienced. Monthly rentals and lessons available.


View the islands from the sea - snorkel, fish and BBQ in style.

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Numoerous boat tours of Sal and Boa Vista are available - fishing excursions, nature tours, relaxing swim and snorkel trips.


Explore miles of un-spoilt beaches, desert and dunes with guided quad tours.

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Our guides offer multiple tours - typically 4 hours. On Boa Vista you can visit the sandy south, or bike to the culutual north. You can also rent Quads at GoRemote discounted rates for monthly stays.
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  • GoKite

    Consistent trade winds and tropical waters make Cabo Verde a kiter's playground.

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    The long, white sandy beaches of Boa Vista and Sal and consistent winds provide ample choice of kitesurf spots for beginners and experts alike. You'll typically be kiting within 10 hours of instruction over 4 days - learning first to control the kite on the beach, then practicing body drags in the water, launching the kite from the water, before finally combining the board with the kite. Group (max 3) lessons are €235 for 4 hours or €450 for 10 hours. Private tuition is also available.


    Muck in and brush up your equestrian skills with lazy beach hacks and sea swims.

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    Both Sal and Boa Vista have small stables which offer regular outings so you can exercise the horses and explore the island from the saddle.


    Less apps, more chat. Our local tutors immerse you in daily life to quickly develop conversational fluency.

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  • Work with turtles
    Volunteer with our NGO partner to preserve the habitats of nesting loggerheads

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  • GoYoga

    Ashtanga to Yin, we have your beachside wellbeing routine covered. Now exhale.

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    Well established yoga communities exists across all the islands in Cabo Verde - with regular classes and certified Yoga therapists available. Monthly unlimited passes are available for as little as 80 euros.


    From pool to PADI divemaster, reefs to wrecks, our dive teams are ready.

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    Situated mid-Atlantic with water depths plunging thousands of metres just a few yards off shore - Cabo Verdean waters are teeming with life. Particularly big game fish, sharks, rays, and turtles. Wreck diving is possible on all islands. Discover scuba courses start from €110 with PADI Open Water from €500.


    Join researchers monitoring the behaviour of humpback whales in Cabo Verde.

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    Large pods of North Atlantic Humpback whales come to Cabo Verde to use its warm, shallow waters to give birth and nurse their offsrping before continuing their migration. The shallow waters around Boa Vista are particualry attractive and families of whales are spotted almost daily between March and May.


    Cabo Verde has one of the most sustainable fisheries in the Atlantic. See for yourself!

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    Life in Cabo Verde revolves around the ocean - fishing provides sustenance and employment to many. You can join beach casting trips for Dorada, bottom and wreck fishing for Garoupa or take the plunge and seek out big game Tuna, Marlin and Sword in the deep blue.
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