The Macaronesia Experiment

Work from anywhere with impact

The world’s first work from anywhere experiment

Join thought leading companies, pioneering corporate nomads and their families as we seek to validate the impact of working remotely overseas for a month or more.

The hypothesis

Working from anywhere overseas for short periods attracts and retains talent, improves wellbeing, increases productivity and provides significant material benefit to local communities.

The experiment

1,000 working professionals will be supported to live and work for 1-3 months from Azores, Cabo Verde, and Madeira following metrics related to performance, wellbeing and impact.

The outputs

Independent evaluaton by Global Workplace Analytics into the impact and efficacy of structured work from anywhere. Bespoke company reports. Happier, more productive people.

“I don’t think companies will dictate this. Employees will dictate this.”

Brian Chesky | CEO Airbnb | Sep 2021

This is Madeira

This is your team’s new office from €1595 per month

Work global, go local

We focus on unique locations perfectly geared for professional remote working. Where our local team can ensure your foray into going remote is fully supported, low-cost, high impact. So you can focus on the work, not where you work.

Working for good

We partner with local NGOs to make the places we’re fortunate enough to call our office better for everyone. From protecting endangered turtles to mentoring entrepreneurs – we’re on a mission to do good by going remote.

Helping us with the experiment

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